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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by sentinel555, Dec 25, 2008.

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    I have found a gulfstream mh - 2006- 31' low mileage with the chevy 6.0. it is an ultra. I am reading a lot of horror stories here about the brand . this one seems to have a very compatible price according to NADA 2 slide outs which appeals to me since I am going full time. but now I am worried about handling, leaks etc based on what I am reading here. I am also towing a saab wagon and am concerned about the size of the engine 6.0 vs the 8.1 that I think chevy has also. do these have the air bag susp in the rear? this one is factory stock as far as I know. it has a/c, awning, generator and they say a completely transferrable warranty 2.5 yrs on the chassis and 6 mos on the coach. OK let me hear it..
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    Re: gulfstream mh

    I own a Gulfstream park trailer and when I am ready to buy a new motorhome will start with the Gulfstream line. In terms of towing capacity, have you checked the spec sheet (probably) inside the driver's door?

    In this market, I wouldn't pay anywhere near NADA...and when you figure out what to pay, don't allow any extra for the extras.
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    Re: gulfstream mh

    No manufacture is perfect, but there is not that much bad stuff here about Gulf Stream here. I think I know, because I am a dealer for them for the towable line. Not the Motorhomes. There was one guy here blasting his, but I talked to Gulf Stream about it and he was not telling the whole truth. You know, there are always two sides to every story. On the towable side, there could not be a better company to work for and with.
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    I have never owned any Gulfstream product but have known several who did. I have generally heard good things about the trailers that they build, but have heard a couple that were not so good about the motorhome line. I believe that the most recent of the experiences I know about was one built in 2004, so things could well be different now. In view of the fact that I know that others here support that brand, I will not publicly tell the story that I do know, but if are interested, drop me a private message with your email and I will be happy to do so. One really bad story does not mean that the entire line is bad, but the one that I know directly is far from a satisfied customer.

    Since that time, I have met owners who seem to be satisfied, but I don't know any of them well enough to be sure.
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    Our first motor home was a Sun Stream Gulf Stream. I wish we would have just updated the unit because it was the most reliable vehicle of any kind we had ever owned. It had a 454 Chevy chassis, allison trans and after installing a banks kit, it got about 12 miles per gallon on the flats. Never did it have problems other than changing the heater motor out since we are full timers. We used that motor home from 1998 to 2006. It was easy to keep warm, had no slides and was a 27 footer.

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