Handles like a new One!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Paul235, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Paul235

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    Short commentary on 2 improvements to an old MH. Thr first one was Bilstein shocks. Old shocks looked OK, didn,t show any signs of leaking but looked like had been on the unit since its birth in 99. When I removed them, the passenger side unit did not extend like th drivers side did. Offered no resistance when pushed to compress. Anybody's shock would have made a drastic improvement but heard lots of good things about Bilstein's. The most dramatic change was the install of a Davis Tru-Trac. No more constant steering corrections required when traveling over bumpy surfaces. Goes real straight without driver imput. Best thing I've done to it yet.
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    Re: Handles like a new One!

    I have steer safe which really helps driving IMO. Also replaced the orignal shocks with monroes at 24000. Much better than the orignals IMO.

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