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  1. jetboat

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    ok, its almost winter in north texas. wondering what size or watts do most of you use, the rv heater,as most know ,will get so hot,its stuffy.what one keeps the chill off?
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    Re: heaters

    I have two small Honeywell space heaters (Honeywell Cool Touch EnergySmart Heater #HZ-7204U) - I got them at Wal-Mart for less than $40 each. In my 27' class C, one of these will run you out of the camper with the exception of the bunk area. In my 36' park trailer, we typically use one in the living area. It will knock the chill off pretty quickly and can certainly make the entire trailer comfortable if it is left on long enough. I no longer have the boxes, but one web site says it is 5128 BTU/1500 W. I like this model because it has a ton of safety features.

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