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    Hi everybody I did it !!!!!!
    Im from poland exactly Warsaw , It s 2 years I'm looking for a American Motorhome in Europe with my budget and I find him .
    - 1995 Chevrolet Odessa 9 6,5 l V8 diesel 9 meter engine of hummer prepared for UK that all what no !!
    I try to find with this information something on the net , but nothing !!! no picture :(
    The more important thing . The mechanical side of this Rv are perfect , Now I have to rebuild everything inside because it's completely dirty And just a bed for 2 peoples so I have to make a project to give him a second life , I want to travel with 6 people . My question if somebody no this model ?
    I'm looking for some tech information , or maybe some picture about this model but I don't no where I can find some , Maybe somebody can help Me
    Up thank you

    ;) ;) ;)
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    Congratulations!! Sounds like you have quite a project ahead but it will be worth it. Sorry we have no information that would be helpful but hopefully someone on this forum can help.

    Good luck and safe travels and WELCOME to the RVUSA Forums!

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