Help a dane buying a RV for a road trip

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by Yucca, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I am planning a road trip in the near future, starting in April. First of all can I buy/own, drive, get a insurance for a RV when not living in the US and without any adress for my stay. I will go alone only with my dog, so I don't look for a big luxury RV, but what do I need. I have to sell it again, so I think that I might buy a RV that is for a least 2-4 persons if it has to be easy to get rid of it again. Or does this have no means at all. I'm thinking of either a B or C class (what is the different) between 19 and 25 feet. I (think I) need a vehicle with a bed, bathroom, toilet, kitchen (sink, refrigerator), but what else do I need. I will stay at both camps with and without hook ups. Any models that are good and specially any model that I should keep away from.
    The plan for the road trip is to begin i New York City, where I can get a direct flight from Denmark, which is to spare my dog for too much travel in a small box. Then I'll drive to Florida and then California. What must I experience on this trip. I will stay in the U.S. for between 2-4 months.
    Will my dog be any obstacle when experience the states. Will there be camps, parks etc. were it is not aloved to bring a dog
    When selling the RV afterwards, what is the right thing to do. If I will not return to New York by RV, will it make any problems to sell it in another state. When selling the RV is it a normal sale where I get some money right away or will used RV sale be based on commission.
    Hope you will help this danish newbeginner in RV
    The Dane
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    Re: Help a dane buying a RV for a road trip

    Hello, and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. You asked a bunch of questions so I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. If I'm wrong :eek: :eek: someone will correct me, I'm sure.

    1. Can you buy/own/drive/get insurance. I would say Yes. Since you say you are coming into New York, you might check with the State of New York Division of Motor Vehicles for more specific info.

    2. An RV for 2 to 4 people (plus dog) would probably be a Class C in the 20 / 30 foot range, depending on what you feel comfortable with behind the wheel. I think you would be too crowded in a Class B. For more info, look on the web and you can see the difference between the classes.

    3. Driving from NY to FLA then on the CAL, what can you expect. Depends on what you like. I personally could spend a week in New York City just sightseeing, then on to Washington, DC, Colonial Williamsburg, and a bunch of other stuff just on the East coast. You can get tourist brochures for each state at the welcome station at the state border.

    4. If your dog has all his shots to fly from Denmark to the states there shouldn't be any problems with him here. Most campground allow pets (for a small additional fee :laugh: :laugh: )

    5. When you are all done with your tour of the US and want to sell your RV, most any RV dealer will make you a deal to either buy it outright or take it on the lot as a consignment. Depends on how much you will be wanting for it and how soon you need the money.

    Hope some of this helps you and welcome to the US of A. Post back and let us know how it goes. :) :)
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    Re: Help a dane buying a RV for a road trip

    I think that I have already been in contact with this person via direct email, but just in case this is not the same person, I'll respond.

    1) It is not possible to register & insure an RV in the USA without a local address for mail a legal business. There may be a mail service that you can use for a fee, but you will need to make arrangements before you come over as it does take some time to establish. This can be done, but it must be addressed before you start to deal for the purchase and insurance is required here. Without establishing an address it can not be done unless you register and insure in in your home country.

    2) I mostly agree with the previous post, although it is difficult to know just what another person will need. A small class C is probably the best bet. A class B is a van conversion and most are pretty small for that long a stay.

    3)A trip from New York to Florida and then to California, if you see much of California is going to require a trip of 4,500 miles, or about 7,300 kilometers. This will mean about 450 gallons of gasoline at about $4/gallon or $2000. It will also mean more than a week of driving.

    4)Check this out at:

    5) You would be wise to buy with a buy-back agreement if you buy, but rental would probably be a wiser move.

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