help in selection of a refrigerator boondocking

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by adamant, Aug 21, 2005.

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    first off ...thanks for all who been working with me on the net on the refrigerator questions i had :)
    i need a fridge for our camp.

    we have for power
    1. EU gen set that we use for charging battery's and cooking and when its hot the ac.
    2. 2 Trojans t 105's (12 volt)iota charger to charge.small solar panel on the roof to help things out.. while we are not there..
    3. 2 100 lb.Cy. propane for heat

    i use a Colman extreme for drinks that been working out great .

    for meats and other refrigerated foods i like to get a small fridge.
    i has to be free standing like a dorm fridge..
    i seen those 12 volts,and not sure about them.
    and the 120 volt require my generator on 24 hrs.
    propane seems OK but needs to be vented.

    my question is WHAT WILL WORK FOR ME?

    any links will help.. :laugh:

    thanks again ...
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    help in selection of a refrigerator boondocking

    Any propane refrigerators that don't have a circuit board are good for camps. They are usually the very small ones(3-4 Cu. Ft.) and don't require any type of electricity to run.

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