help, need answer fast!!

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by John Hamilton, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. John Hamilton

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    Hubby just found truck of his dreams, but it already has a bed liner installed. Will he be able to install 5th wheel hitch with the bed liner? Sure dont want to pay extra if he cant use it!!

  2. rlmurraysr59

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    help, need answer fast!!

    Yes, he will still be able to use the truck. Probably have to cut the bedliner to fit the fifth wheel hitch to the bed of the truck. Then he can caulk around the opening with some rtv rubber cauking, if he so desires, to keep the dirt and water out from under the bed liner. Or he can remove the bed liner and sell it. But it will protect the bed if left in and just cut out the opening. A zip saw should do the trick. Just raise the bed liner up enough to get the saw blade away from the metal and cut it out.


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  3. hertig

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    help, need answer fast!!

    Also, check into 'under the bed' mounts. Instead of 2 huge holes in the liner, there should be 4 small ones...
  4. zip

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    help, need answer fast!!

    If it means removing the liner,do it. The truck is the primary equipment, not the bedliner. After having my Chevy Duramax sprayed with Line-x, I'll never use a bed liner again.
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    ARCHER Senior Member

    help, need answer fast!!

    Sprayed liners are the way to go. I've had my Ram for 5 years and bed still looks like new (Rhino Liner).

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