help please Roof sagging/ceiling issue

Discussion in 'Towables' started by broke1stimer, Jul 30, 2009.

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    We just brought home our first TT. At the time we felt like we got a good deal, under $3500 for a 38' skyline nomad. It did have some storm damage that had been repaired however the ceiling paneling in one spot to the right of the door is slightly rippled/bowed and upon cleaning the outside off we noticed the roof was sagging in the same spot. When you touch the inside of the ceiling and wall paneling they do not feel wet anymore. The bathroom door which is directly across from the same ceiling panels also will not close all the way. My husband feels we can rip out the inside paneling that is damaged and "pop" the roof sag back up from the inside. Does anyone have any suggestions on best ways to fix and what products need to be used on the roof to seal?

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    Re: help please Roof sagging/ceiling issue

    Welcome to the forum. Hate to say this but you probably are going to find major damage when you get into the repair. Sounds like major water damage and you will probably have to replace the wood in the ceiling. Good luck

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