Help with thermal window pane R&R

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by dawright42, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I'm about to replace one of my thermal windows. It doesn't leak , just clouded over due to gas leak between the panes. I have a Monaco Knight DP. Its the front drivers side window. There are 3 window panes within the frame. The bad one is the bottom front one. I have the replacement from the mfgr. I know how it comes out. My questions are about the best way to break the seal of the whole frame. Special tools ? Is this a 2 man job? Will piano wire or guitar wire work? I have a carpet cutting tool with a curved edge. Thought I would try it. Don't want to break the other 2 windows. I understand there's a rubber piece that is reuseable that goes around the bad pane . Is that all thats needed to seal it. I purchased a gray sealing tape,from a RV trailer dealer, about 1" wide. He said that's what he uses to seal the whole 3 piece window frame to the MH. Then finish with clear silicone? Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help with thermal window pane R&R

    I replaced mine on the passenger side of our HR but it was the big pane and only one window. Best to have help removing the window but I did mine along. When you get it out you will see how it comes apart. Mine had several screws tht held the frame on the glass and was no problem. Been a while since I did mine so memory is faded. It's just a kinda see and do project. Good luck
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    RE: Help with thermal window pane R&R

    Thanks Chelse!!

    Did ur window frame come out easy. Did u use piano wire? And what did u seal the frame with? The tape I have seems wide!

    Thanks again
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    Re: Help with thermal window pane R&R

    You can get butyl tape in several different widths. I would suggest that you visit an RV supply store and get one which matches the width of your window frame.

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