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  1. eddiebolden

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    iam looking to get some land and set it up for rv use aney info out ther on how :)
  2. bookseller

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    RE: help

    We've done that, only with a steel building. Same problems, different housing.

    If this is going to be a permant thing, and I assume it is, you will need: a septic system installed, power to the property, and water, either by drilling a well or hooking into a system. With those taken care of you should be in good shape. We did this about 10 years ago and the septic cost around $2000 for a 1000 gallon tank, the power was put in free and we plugged into the community water system and used a holding tank since we were up on a mountain.

    If you need to drill a well shop around. It could cost you upwards of $4000.
  3. Triple E

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    Re: help

    Just make sure you water is not to hard to get. Drilling for water is over $100.00 per foot. Also be sure the land will pass a perk test. No perk = no septic tank. Do not buy until you know.

    Please keep us up to date with your project so we can help where we can. :approve:

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