Hi All From England UK. Can I Ask A Few Questions??

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dazzer In The UK, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Dazzer In The UK

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    Hi everyone!! Just making a few initial enquiries about our plans to buy an RV and tour round the USA and Canada for a year or so when we retire in about 5 years time. I want to make sure we have a good grounding of information and all we need in place well before we do the deed and throw in the towel at work. ;)

    Here are our plans as we see them now, this may change as we learn more so please feel free to pick it to bits and show us the holes!!

    Buy an RV not sure yet if it will be a 5th wheel or a motorhome but we also love boats and would love to buy a 25-30 foot motor cruiser to tow behind and use at the coast/lakes.

    The boat raises the first question, is it possible to tow a boat behind a 5th wheel, this will solve a lot of problems as it leaves us the truck to use to launch the boat and also will give us a usable car when the 5th wheel is sited. If it is legal to tow the boat behind the 5th wheel do I need a special driving license to do this (I assume it will be considered to be a heavy goods/long vehicle and additional qualifications will be needed but please guide me on this).

    If towing the boat behind a 5th wheel is not an option then we will be looking at a motorhome with a garage to park a small car in (to use around town when the RV is parked up). Am I able to tow a boat behind a motorhome with no problems?

    When we know a bit more about the legal side of our plan we will move on as the RV is obviously the most important thing to decide first.

    Thanks for your help!!:D:D
  2. LEN

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    Although some state allow towing a boat behind a 5th wheel not all do so you could end up with a stranded boat and no way to get from a to b. A 25'to 30' would be way too heavy for behind a 5th wheel. I don't know what kind of budget you have but even used and in good shape your talking big money. For what you lay out the best way might be for a motor home to tow the boat and the wife to drive a car for the get around rig. Unless you are in the coastal areas even a 25" is a fair sized boat and it would limit the boat use in a lot of the inland waterways.
    Look for the "onion cart" blog on the net, they are from Bermuda and do what you are thinking about and could answer many of your ownership and such questions.

  3. Cruzincat

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    If money is no problem, you might consider a company like Showhauler to build a SuperC Toy hauler. You might be able to insert a small vehicle like a Smart Car in the back and still tow a boat. I don't know if it can be done. You have to consider how the gas fumes from the Smart Car being inside the motor home might not be healthy or safe for that matter. There may be some small electric cars that would fit.

    You could probably use the SuperC to launch the boat, but you could always drop the trailer and let someone else launch for you.

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