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  1. What are the differences in the two products beside weight?
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    I cannot speak for the Trailmanor as I have only viewed their website but can speak about the Hi-Lo trailer. We purchased our second Hi-Lo (model 2808C) this March and thoroughly love it. Our previous model was a 24 foot that we purchased in 1996.

    This new model has a tip-out which makes the area much larger. The towing is not any difference from our 24' model as you hardly know the trailer is behind you. I have traveled up to 80 mph without any problems. With the Hi-Lo, you flip a switch and the top raises up whereas it appears that the Trailmanor 'may' have front/back slide outs that are moved manually which does result in a shorter unit when not opened.

    We purchased our 2008 model in Sacramento, CA for about $26,500. The price for a new Trailmanor 2729SD with comparable features was $32,319 or a model 3023 was $34,291. Naturally these are 2009 models but we decided to go with a 2008 model as it was less expensive, the dealer was willing to reduce the price to move it and there were no new features from 2008 to 2009.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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