holding tanks 2000 dutchmen 5th wheel

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    we recently purchased the above and no manuals were included. We have three holding tanks and we presume that the one with ther black handle is for the toliet however sometimes it does not drain but drains from the kitchen sink. Nothing backs up into the sink but sink water but when the black handle is pulled, it drains and the toliet does not seem to. there are two other handles underneat, long silver levers that we have been leaving out and according to our gauge one is always empty, the other full. these seem like very flimsy levers and am afraid to pull or push to hard on them.

    My question is what holding tank control what?

    We live full time in the fifth wheel and had some cold weather last night and cannot move the black handle today, must be frozen so we attached a heater cord around the pipe leading from the unit to the black handle.

    Is there some trick to get these handles to work or some information on these holdings tanks would greatly appreciate it. a diagramm would also be helpful.

    thank you again
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    Re: holding tanks 2000 dutchmen 5th wheel


    Can't help with manuals.
    You most likely have 2 gray water tanks and one black, a good indicator of which is which is the size of the outgoing and incoming(waste from the 5vr) the black will be bigger in and out than the gray. The gray will be 2" or so and the black will be 3 or 4". You should keep the black tank closed until it is almost full then dump, otherwise you run the chance or the brown pyramid in the bottom and filling your black tank, which is a dried or solid mass of poo that is NOT EASY TO GET OUT.


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