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Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Michguy, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Hi RVers,
    I've found a 2007 40" Holiday Rambler Ambassador that I may be interested in buying. My concern is that the Floorplan is a little unusual. It has the Kitchen and Booth Dinette immediately behind the Driver's and Passenger's chairs. Then a Roadside Sofa and a Curbside Love Seat, with a 32" TV mounted on the Roadside Bulkhead. My wife likes the arrangement, and if she likes it, I can live with it, even though it would definitely not be my first choice. My greatest fear is that this is not a popular Floor Plan and may be difficult to re-sell. I need your opinions desperately !
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    Re: Holiday Rambler Floorplan

    well if the wife is happy, that all that matters. I would not want to travel with a disgruntle wife to long. My wife loved he one we have and she picked it out. All I do is drive, keep gas in it, and keep it going. :laugh: :laugh:
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    RE: Holiday Rambler Floorplan

    Hello Mic this is an unusual layout and resale will be a concern just as you have a concern now.You are right in thinking about re-sale.These are more a mid entery coach I think You said you are buying it and I am sure your wife will be just as happy in a more popular model. Great that your wife is onboard at viewing coaches
    there are so many to view.

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    Re: Holiday Rambler Floorplan

    I am with Hollis. The floor plan is the wifes decision. If she likes it someone else will when you sell JMO
  5. Kirk

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    Re: Holiday Rambler Floorplan

    To buy any large RV with resale as a factor in your choice is a very foolish mistake! RVs are not an investment and everyone looses money on them, because they do depreciate and eventually become unusable. The better the price you manage to deal for, the less that your loss will be, but you will loose serious money. But an RV that you want to use and just assume that most of the money will not be recovered. But it to have fun in and look at the price as the cost of entertainment. It will have better resale value than would a bunch of motel receipts!

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