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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by krautdog, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. krautdog

    krautdog Member

    Are there any home brewers out there that brew while camping? If so, do you have any good stories/ tips/ recipes. I'm just curious to know how many other brewers are out there-I feel nothing beats a good homebrew with family and friends while sitting around the campfire.

  2. campers4u

    campers4u New Member

    Re: Home brew

    Well its not a home brew but i have been known to have a few crown and cokes while camping
  3. brodavid

    brodavid Senior Member

    Re: Home brew

    Myself , I like milk and cookies at night around the campfire with roasted marshmellows
    God bless each RVer as they travel with a safe trip
  4. rjann

    rjann New Member

    RE: Home brew

    I've taken homebrew with me. Can't imagine staying in one place long enough to brew it and then drink it all since I always made 5 gallons at a time.

    Funny question.
  5. Buckeye Chuck

    Buckeye Chuck New Member

    Re: Home brew

    I have never made home brews but have had a few that a friend has made. They were very good. I do, however, enjoy micro brews and usually try one or two when I come across them in my travels. And of course there's always the old stand by, Gordon's and Tonic.

  6. MR.B

    MR.B New Member

    Re: Home brew

    Home brew CAN be the best. How...how...how...would you keep the wort still while on the road??? Now, if you are staying in one spot for a while it would be great to do a little natural stuff with yeast in the air to see what happens to the flavor. Maybe if you can get local honey and make some mead as you need.
  7. krautdog

    krautdog Member

    Re: Home brew

    We have a seasonal spot so the camper doesn't move (unless the kids are jumping off of the bunks). My big concern is the maintaining the temperature during fermentation, it will be too hot in the summer. I may try a batch in spring before the warm weather moves in and see how that goes. I live in Ohio so, it'll be cool until at least June. I do like your Mead idea, I think the Amish have an apiary near buy, I'll give that a try.

  8. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

    RE: Home brew

    I home brew but have never done it while out and about. However I do pack a few bottles up and take'em with me.


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