Hooking up car for towing?

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    I have a Saturn Ion that I am going to get serviced so that I can hook it up to my '04 Damon Challenger. I already have the RV hooked up with the Blue OX towing package. I would like to know what takes place when getting my car prepared to be towed and how much it may cost?

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    Re: Hooking up car for towing?

    The towbar mounting plate can run anywhere up to 500 dollars, the to bar 800 to 1500, the wire kit anywhere up to 100, the brake unit can be from 1100 to 1500. So your looking at 2600 to 3500. Than if you want a rock shield add another 300 to 700.
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    Re: Hooking up car for towing?

    They will have to install a "base plate" that your tow bar connects to. It spreads the load from the tow points to the frame of the car and avoids damage from towing. In addition, you will need to either have the car wired for brake and turn signal lights or you can buy some of the magnetic ones to use with the car. It would also be very wise to get some type of brake system for the Saturn to make it's brakes work with the RV's brakes, at least when in an emergency stop.

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