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  1. jgkfalcon

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    Hi all!
    We had some friends buy a 30ft used towable and just got it parked in our yard. We're not sure how hard it will be to get it up and running (sewage and all) for them to move into. Any tips on all that? Do we need to get a professional?
  2. H2H1

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    Re: Hookups

    well you can do it on your own, but I would get trusted RV tech to go over it front to rear top to bottom. Believe me there are so many things that can go wrong, and probably will . So I recommend a professional RV tech to go over it for a piece of mind. Good luck on which ever way you decide to go and happy camping. :laugh:
  3. Darlin

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    Re: Hookups

    Do you mean for then to live in permantly :question:

    Darlin :cool:
  4. Kirk

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    Re: Hookups

    How much do you know about RVs? Do you mean that it doesn't work and you want to repair it, or is it that you do not know how to use it and want help with that?

    If what you want is to know how to install electricity, water and sewer connections, that is going to be a real challenge, unless you are a qualified home handyman. How much electrical experience do you have? What is the current requirements for the trailer, 30A or 50A? Have you ever installed any water lines and sewer lines? Does the weather get below freezing in your area? Who far is it to the nearest sewer connection?

    There are many questions that we need to know for us to give you any valid advice.
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    Re: Hookups

    Sounds like you are in for some good fun!
  6. Poppa

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    Re: Hookups

    Check Zoning. The rest is simple

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