Hot in Mississippi

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Poppa, Aug 2, 2008.

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    Hey, guys my turn. Living in the 5 th wheel full time trying to build a house.

    The little control box on the ceiling pooped out and the ac just stayed on with no control. Had to turn it on and off with the breaker :(
    Monday came around so I disconnected the remote box on the ceiling and the unit stopped of course. Went and bought a new little control box installed it and now I get no response what so ever remotely or by manually pushib the ac or heat buttons. I think I am not gettin 12 violt control power,

    I have looked all through the unit inside as well as checked all the breakers and fuses.

    Is there a hidden fuse or breaker somewhere so you have to bring it to a tech so they can make some easy money or what HELLLLLLLP PleAAAse

    Oh its a model 57915.331 duo-therm 2005 model in a Cougar
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Hot in Mississippi

    You might have answered your own question. You have to have 12 volts. If you converter is working and you have other 12 volt lights in the trailer, you might have a fuse somewhere blown that is dedicated to the AC.

    You also might have a loose connection in the wiring that comes out of the control box. You moving things to change the box might have done that. We actually had a new trailer delivered a couple of years ago that the AC did not run. It was a loose wire that came loose during the trip to me.

    Good luck, I know it is hot there.
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    RE: Hot in Mississippi

    Hi Poppa - I grew up in MS and am now hot in Arkansas. Sure
    hope you got that air cond. figured out cause this heat is a killer.
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    RE: Hot in Mississippi

    We love going through and spending a few nights in Mississippi. Great places to see and great restaurants to have a great meal!


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