Hot Water Heater Tank Storage

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by johnnyP, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. johnnyP

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    I will be storing my trailer for 9 months in Florida (no possibility of water freezing) and need to know the best way to lay-up the hot water heater tank. Tank is a 6 gln Atwood (aluminum) and I have an anode corrosion rod (magnesium). Should I:

    a) Leave the tank completely full of water, with anode rod installed.

    b) Completely empty the tank (as best as possible) and leave the anode rod installed. (or leave the drain connection open, with no adode rod).

    c) Some other procedure.

    Any help would be appreciated,
  2. Gary B

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    Hot Water Heater Tank Storage

    Hi Johnny, drain the tank and leave it empty and throw that anode rod away!! Atwood will void your warrenty if you install an anode rod in their water heater. Only Suburban water heaters with a steel tank need and use anode rods. The alum tank of the Atwood acts as the anode. Good luck.
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  3. johnnyP

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    Hot Water Heater Tank Storage

    Thanks GaryB,
    Is it best to leave the drain plug installed (not the anode plug, just a standard plug) or leave the plug out (i.e. open to the air)?
  4. Kirk

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    Hot Water Heater Tank Storage

    As Gary said, do not use an anode in the Atwood. It has an aluminum tank and the anode will cause serious problems and isn't needed. The Suburban is the one that uses an anode.

    I would leave the drain plug in the water heater just to prevent the local bugs from making your water heater their new home. Nothing to be gained by leaving it out if the water is drained.

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