House Batteries not charging

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by Middiedad65, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,
    I haven't posted any questions for a few weeks 'cause everything has been going so well. That is until last evening. We noticed that the interior lights were dim. I checked the panel and it showed my house battery was down to the lowest level. The strange part is that we are plugged in to shore power at a campground.

    A little while later, there was so little power left in the battery that the fridge stopped working completely. It would not run on either gas or AC.

    I started the engine and things immediately improved. The lights got brighter and the refrigerator turned back on. I ran the engine for only about 10 minutes, that was enough to keep the refrig working all night.

    A little background would probably be helpful for you too: This is a 1990 Coachmen Class C Catalina. It has no generator so I need my house batts to charge off shore power.

    I'd love any and all suggestions as to what my cause this.

  2. Pillaz

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    RE: House Batteries not charging

    Do you have A/C power in the coach? If not check the breakers on the power post at campground and confirm all connections. If you do have A/C power then check fuses and inverter. Shore lines should recarge your batteries. There are probably others who can give you a more detailed explaintion but I would start checking conections and fuses. Good luck

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: House Batteries not charging

    The house batteries run the panel for the fridge, hot water tank and the furnace. If they are not charged good enough you will not be able to run them. Yes, check the shore power breaker at the post in the camp ground. Sometimes there is another main post/breaker at another location. If your inverter is working properly it will convert 110 to 12 volt power when plugged in and will also charge the house batteries. Should hear a hum or heat should be coming from it (not hot, but warm). Yes, check fuses and all circuit breakers inside the coach also. ;)
  4. C Nash

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    Re: House Batteries not charging

    Sounds like your converter is not working. It has a fuse that could be blown or wiring problem between the converter and house batteries bad
  5. Butch Wilder

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    Re: House Batteries not charging

    It sounds like a bad converter or a bad Battery Disconnect Switch. Check the shore power and breakers as well.

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