how about truck convertion?

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by patrice, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Hello! i am new here,i am from canada,more specific quebec!yes yes i am one of those french speeking fellow from the north!my english is not perfect but i am working on that not to be perfect but i little better!

    In a few year i will retired from work and we pland to sell house that we have by a rv and maybe a condo in montreal for the kid! we did start looking at some rig!here at the rv show there is about 12-15 big one and no truck convertion ! in the north east where can we attend a big rv show?i am also looking these truck convertion ,i will have to pull a traler to bring a car,2 atv and it look that the class a rig are at the limit for carrying capacity? any advice about these truck convertion , they look nice on picture and maybe a truck is already made to make lot of mile,i will have to come back for 6 month every year so will put lot of mile!

    Thank`s Patrice
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    RE: how about truck convertion?

    :cool: They look very nice but any comment about handling ,living space ,the way they are made! long term use of them!

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