How can a Swiss get the right Insurance?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by sven, Jan 24, 2010.

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    First of all, many thanks for all the information I could find in your forum. It gave me the power to move on in my plans to buy a 5th wheel with truck in the states. :cool:

    We are Swiss and I have to say sorry for my bad English. But I hope you will understand all my points… :blush:

    Since nearly 2 years I’m planning to buy a rv in the states for using it part time during our holidays.

    Now we have decided to buy a Carriage, Cameo 352b3 / 2009, and a Ford f350 dually 2008. :bleh:

    In the same time I checked a company in Montana, which would open for me a LLC. This would be great, I thought.
    1. No Sales taxes.
    2. Cheap registration fee
    3. No yearly control for the truck or 5th wheel.
    4. The company would do everything for me, I don’t have to go to Montana. :) :) :)

    But now started my problem.

    I asked about 20 insurances for a solution. :(

    What I would like to have:

    1. An insurance, where I can go with an international license.
    2. An insurance, which accept the LLC
    3. An insurance, where I can stay for more than 6 months in Canada
    4. An insurance, where I don’t have to pay for the full year: full insurance when I use it, reduced insurance during the time when the
    Rv is stored in a hall.

    Now they told me, for Canada are max. 5 months allowed. Ok. I have to accept it. Then they told me, they have only full insurance or nothing, with a minimum of 6 month duration. Others don’t accept a LLC, others don’t accept the international license. :(

    So I checked the progressive insurance, the only who accept the llc with a international license!? But they do only a full year insurance.
    So I have to pay for the Truck 1600 USD for a half year, (3200 p.a.) and 650 USD for the 5th wheel, (1300 p.a.). This is totally 4500 USD per annum. No problem if I could go the whole year camping. But I use it only for around 4 weeks in a year. That means, I pay 4500 USD for 4 weeks holiday! This seems to me very strange! :(

    Do you know, if there is a better way?
    Is there really no solution, where I only have to pay for maybe 3 months and for the stored time a reduced fee? I only need a insurance against fire, water and “crime”. (Sorry I don’t know how to explain it better).

    Maybe it’s easier at the end to get a address in Florida, register it in Florida, pay sales taxes, make the us license every time when I go there and get maybe a better and cheaper insurance.

    Please, it would be great to get some feedback from you, as it's quite difficult getting all this information out of Switzerland

    Many thanks.

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    Re: How can a Swiss get the right Insurance?

    Triple E, Many thanks for your help.

    I checked the offered insurance with my insurance person in switzerland.

    We find out, does I don't need so many insurance.

    I took out the insurance for the persons in the car. Because we have an insurance in
    switzerland for an accident which will pay.

    I reduced the costs by taking the deductible from usd 500 to 1000.

    After 6 month I can even take out the most insurances for the storage and switch it back when used.

    With a LLC and an international driver license I will pay for the 5th wheel plus
    truck about USD 2000 to max. 2500 per year.

    This is ok for me.

    I found now the right 5th wheel, truck, insurance and LLC to start my dream in the state.


    Sven :cool:
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    Re: How can a Swiss get the right Insurance?

    Alright good news. If you make it to the Pacific Northwest, let me know. Happy and safe travels. :cool:

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    Re: How can a Swiss get the right Insurance?

    enjoy the trip, and safe travels

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