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    well since being on a nice week long vacation ,, it's back to work ,, and as of now 10:33pm have got 4 calls on frozen rv's ,, one was out for the day and shut off the heater ,, one was in storage (no winterrizing) one that was at a residence and one that was only a froze water line at a campground ...
    i told most of them not much i can do execpt let i thaw and then i'll ck th damage ,, the one that had the frozen water line ,, i told to unhook and use the onboard water system till we can get out to u tomorrow ,, man do these people never learn ,, and i don't mean that in a mean way ,, or a "stupid rv'er way" but as many people think .. "it don't freeze in the south" ,, but it does and yes u need to winterize (if storing) but oh well ,, it's work ,, so we'll see what we have tomorrow as far as replacing pipes , water heaters and such ,, sorry i just thought i'd post this ,, u can take it or leave it IMO :laugh: :laugh: ;) :eek: :approve:
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    Re: how cold is cold

    I notice wherever I travel that lots of RV'ers don't disconnect their city water hoses when it gets below 32 degrees and then wonder why the hose froze up. Just the outside water hose isn't too bad, but when there is a really hard freeze it can penetrate into the hoses in the compartment where the water hose is connected. That could cause problems with the on-board water lines.

    In cold weather I always fill my fresh water tank and disconnect my outside water hose. It usually warms up enough during the day to re-fill the fresh water tank if necessary. In really prolonged cold weather you can always insulation wrap your outside water hose and put a heating line/cord inside the insulation wrap. ;)
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    Re: how cold is cold

    I camped at the Chesapeake Bay Preserve (thousand trails-Gloucester, VA) back in March, 06., and we had a ranger who came around one night door to door and told us of the freeze warning and to either let our water drip or disconnect. To my dying day I will thank this gentleman for the time and effort he took to warn us. (I disconnected my PUP) When I thanked him and got to chatting, he told me "I treat others as I would like to be treated". Wish there were more like him! (Another place I camped did not let us know of water being turned off for pipe replacement)
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    Re: how cold is cold

    Most RV Parks post a warning if it's going to be really cold. The park I'm in didn't and most of the RVs this morning were still hooked up to city water. Don't know if they froze their water hoses or not, but it got down to about 25.

    Hey PattieAM, isn't it cold in a PUP when it gets down in the 20's?

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