How do I read all the threads and posts?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by harleyman_1000, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. harleyman_1000

    harleyman_1000 Junior Member

    I see many threads and posts listed but when I click on them to read, it only shows a very few amount of them?
  2. RanCarr

    RanCarr Junior Member

    That could be in how you have it set-up. I wish I could help and I'm surprised no one has stepped forth to help you.
  3. Boyde31

    Boyde31 Junior Member

    Could you elaborate a little bit. For instance, how many comments show up when you click on a thread. It could just be simple enough that you are missing the page numbers at the bottom of each thread. Again, hard to know what you mean without a little more clarification.
  4. RanCarr

    RanCarr Junior Member

    There's a default setting that causes this problem. The default should be set by the Board to show all threads, then all messages.

    Try Forum Actions/General Settings in the blue bar above.

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