How does Coachmen monitor panel work?

Discussion in 'Class C Motorhomes' started by rodskid, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Re: How does Coachmen monitor panel work?

    Larry, there are lots of ways to determine what the levels are in the tank and monitors use different ways. In general, I prefer a sensor that uses an AC method to determine liquid level. They seem to be more accurate and their longevity is better.
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    Re: How does Coachmen monitor panel work?

    Hey everyone, Thanks for the response regarding the power. BATTERY it was!! Have taken the Catalina out twice in the three weeks we've owned it and I gotta say I'm hooked on camping. Also, thanks for the answer regarding the gauge....actually my gauge works for the Battery and Fresh water tank but not for the grey or black tanks. My brother-in law mentioned that I should fill up both tanks with water and detergent and take the RV for a ride for awhile as sometimes the sensors get clogged with TP and food. I'm giving it a shot soon so I'm hopeful it will clean it up a bit....camping is the best family time my wife and kids have ever spent. the investment and fix-it headaches and future headaches I think will be well worth it.
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    Re: How does Coachmen monitor panel work?

    see now u got the rv bug ,, and there is no cure known to man that can cure u of it ,, even if u have a few little probs on the way ,, it's rving ,, and u have to expect the probs ,, but take them with a grain of salt ,, and go on ,, if it's nothing major ,, it can wait to be fixed when u get home ,, but u have overcome u'r first hurddle ,, now on to the next ,, and yes u will have many more ,, but like i said it's rving ;) :eek: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :approve: :approve: :approve:
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    Re: How does Coachmen monitor panel work?

    I read on another forum about using cubed ice and something else (calgon or cascade?) to clean the holding tank. Put both in then drive around the block a few times to stir things up. This sounds similar to using salt and ice in a glass coffee carafe. You swish it around and the abrasiveness of the salt and ice cleans it right up! My monitor has been working on all tanks but the holding is reading high even after it's been emptied so I'll have to give it try. Good to see Mondo got back. Good advice from 730 for us first RV owners.

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