How much tax do we pay.

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  1. Tassiedevil

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    Hi, Can someone tell me how much tax you pay when you purchase a used RV from a dealer,does if vary much from state to state. Also if you are not an American citizen or resident does that change the amount of tax you pay or is it the same for everyone.Hoping someone can give me some idea, regards Tassiedevil(Sue)

    ARCHER Senior Member

    How much tax do we pay.

    Amount of tax (sales tax and in some states Excise tax) will vary depending on what State you purchase in. Not sure about the non-resident question, but it probably doesn't matter. The issue there might be plating it and not having a residence here in the states to show state residence. I'm sure there are others that can answer your questions much more clearly. ;)
  3. TexasClodhopper

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    How much tax do we pay.

    If you buy a vehicle in Texas, you pay the State sales tax (6.25%) and the license (about $120US). Our county tax people don't really see a MH. Of course there would be other fees involved at the time of purchase including the inevitable "documentation" fee.
  4. hertig

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    How much tax do we pay.

    Any purchase from any dealer will require sales tax; state, occasionally county and often city. In most places this will be from 5 to 9% of the sales price. There may be a state or two with no sales tax, but I doubt it. There are a few states which tack on a luxury tax, but I don't know which ones. Any taxes which are required will be required whether you are a resident of the state, the country, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy or even another dimension :)

    If you buy it from a private party, you may not have to pay tax, but in many states you do have to pay the tax when you register it. Which brings up another cost.

    Once you own it, you have to register it. This varies from a flat rate in some states (between $50 and $150 usually) or a 'tax' based on some factor such as size or weight, or worst of all, value. I don't know how you would register the vehicle without a permanent address; perhaps the transient friendly states such as South Dakota, Florida or Texas might make it easier.
  5. Kirk

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    How much tax do we pay.

    Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana and Delaware have no sales tax at all. Which state you re required to pay the tax in is the one where you choose to register the vehicle, with the exception of Indiana, which last summer changed it to charge sales tax on all vehicle purchases in the state, no matter where it goes afterward. So I suggest that you not consider a purchase in IN. In many states, it is like Texas where only the state portion of the sales tax must be paid on a vehicle. But you need to check with the state where you plan to register as each state has it's own laws.

    What visitors to the USA need to realize is that the original organization of the United States was that each state was independent, except to join together for things that involve outside countries. Over the years the federal government has become stronger and more dominant, but in many ways the separate states are still independent and make and enforce their own laws. That may help to understand why things do vary so widely. Our states were once very much like the European Union.
  6. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    How much tax do we pay.

    In Virginia the sales tax on a vehicle is 3%, but then you pay personnal property tax yearly based on value and that can vary from county to county. After you make a purchase, you have 30 days to register it.
  7. S. Manaro

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    How much tax do we pay.

    Georgia and South Carolina have a $300.00 max cap on sales tax but are theives when it comes to annual personal property taxes. It would have cost us about $2600.00 annually to register the 5er and truck in South Carolina!

    We purchased our 5er and truck in Georgia. Had the 5er delivered to a campground in South Carolina where it was considered a mobile home (since it was delivered and setup for us) and did not need to be licensed until the first of the year. We then drove to Tennessee, established residence there and titled the truck, 5er and transferred our drivers licenses (8 year renewwal cycle on dl) for a grand total of $85.00 (just renewwed the plates on the 5er and truck for $45.00). Additionally, about 99.8% of Tennessee does not require vehicle inspections and/or smog tests (no annual treks back there to get inspections done).

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