How to Fix Rv roof leaks

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by lisawilliams123, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Can any one tell me about DIY solution for fixing roof leaks in my RV? Waiting for your positive response.Thanks
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Where is it leaking? What type roof do you have , rubber, aluminum or fiberglass Need more info?
  3. Emma Brian

    Emma Brian New Member

    Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings by EPDMCoatings is the DIY solution of RV roof leaks problem. You can get more information by visiting liquidrubberroofing blog. Thanks
  4. Gary King

    Gary King New Member

    Rubberized leak stopper are available. That will be of great help in fixing roof leaks
  5. Isabella John

    Isabella John New Member

    You can also check for all about RV roof problems. Thanks
  6. nowhereman

    nowhereman New Member

    M y A/C rotted my roof, I used this rubberized stuff and it seemed to work fine. Good luck.

  7. Jonathan Merage

    Jonathan Merage New Member

    As mentioned by other members rubberized stopper is a good solution to fix leaks in your RV.
  8. Isabella John

    Isabella John New Member

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