how to winterize my rv?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wilf, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. wilf

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    hi can anyone tell me what i need to do to make my rv safe through the winter months, where i live it gets below freezing most nights i would think i have to drain the water heater and tanks? how do i do that? any help appreciated
  2. C Nash

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    Re: how to winterize my rv?

    There should be ab panel on the outside of the rv where the hot water heater is located. there will be a plug in the bottem of the hot water heater that you remove to drain. Open the relief valve located on top of the hot water heater. should just be a lever that you raise. stand back because the water will gush out. Check on the inside to see if you have a bypass system for the hot water heater. If not you will need to rig a by pass because you do not need to run the antifreeze in it. Takes to much. You will need a couple gallons of antifreeze, I'm guessing because you did not say what your rv is. You will need a way to let your onboard water pump pull the antifreeze into the system. Open each faucett untill you see pink fluid. Don;t forget your potty,shower and any water outlets. I never put the antifreeze in my fresh water tank, just drain, any water remaining in the tank has room for expansion. If you are not good at this get a fellow camper to show you or take it to a rv repair shop. Not worth the risk of bustef pipes. Some can be rough to get at. Be sure and use rv approved antifreeze. You can get it at any rv repair shop and mosr walmarts. You can also use the search feature here on rvusa to find info on winterizing.
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    Re: how to winterize my rv?

    An other method I use is, drain water heater as above. Do the bypass on the water tank, then blow the lines out with air pressure(There is a fitting for this $2-$5 fits on the fill fitting)) opening each faucet until no water then close. Use the low point drain on the RV to drain water tank and blow the lines clear here also. run water pump for just a little time to clear it of water. Then put anti-freeze pink stuff in the drain traps, and shower a little in the washer/dryer if you have one and I drop a bit in the black tank to protect the valves if any water is left there.


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