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Discussion in 'Towables' started by biker, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. biker

    biker Member

    i am getting a humming noise from something electrical, stops when a light is turned on,any light, then when off the humming comes back, i think its from the converter but not sure, if you need more info i will try to explain, thanks, 2007 40ft sunnybrook toyhauler, always hooked to 60 amp, thanks
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: humming noise

    It sounds like the transformer in your converter.

    However, the situation makes it probable that you have bad house batteries. The converter is straining to push current into some dieing batteries.

    Better check out those batteries.
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

    Grandview Trailer Sa Senior Member

    Re: humming noise

    SunnyBrook does not use converters. They seperate the 3 parts and make a better system. The charger is what your hearing and Tex is probably right about the Batteries.
  4. biker

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    RE: humming noise

    batteries were both new at the start of the season, how do i check for a bad battery
  5. C Nash

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    Re: humming noise

    ck the water level in them first. Hydrometer is the best way to test the batteries. You canget one at most auto supply stores if you do not have one, Walmart has them also.

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