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    my question that I have is is it save on the hydrolic jacks when they are fully in the up position ,to place timbers under the shoes of the jacks and dump the air on the coach 2002 triple slide newmar dutch star when I put it in my shop when not in use over winter. I like to take most of the weight of the tires which are on plywood to protect from the concrete in my shop. my DP just fits in by a very small 1/4 inch it is 40ft 8 inchesand when I try to us the jack it dips foward and backward when the air dumps and when the jack are lowerd which moves the coach so that it make contact with rear fiberglass and front fiberglass.that is why I like to block solid under jacks and then dump air to settle the coach and remove weight of tires and berrings :question: thanks Dave
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    Re: hydrolic jacks

    Hello Dave and welcome to the forum. I have used 6 x 6 timbers under my coach with all air bled. Speaking with other people on this site, sounds like a good idea to take weight off of the wheels. So if I understand your question, you should be alright. If possible block your wheels also.


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