I don't want to blow up - LP question

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by chag67, Aug 8, 2012.

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    I consider myself a very safe person which is why I have yet to touch anything in the RV when it comes to the LP and the tank. I have looked at the tank and the knobs and such but I am not exactly sure what to do. I have watched the original beginning video that came with the RV and it doesn't tell me much. It tells me how to turn on the stove top burners but not much else. The tank is little under 3/4 full. There is a knob (unmarked) on the tank. Do I need to turn that valve to "open" the tank and allow the LP into the lines before I try to turn on the stove top burners?
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    Diregard. My tank was turned off. Our company's new assest manager buys old RV's, fixes them up, and resells them. He told me that many people turn the tank valve off when storing the RV.

    Sorry. I know many of the questions I have asked are simple and just need some common sense put into them but it is difficult when some of the things in the RV are not labeled and not covered in the video.
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    no problem. better to be safe than sorry. AND please don't ever think you ask to many questions, this site is a group of people who love to help one another out. So keep firing off the questions.

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