I gotta tell ya!!

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by swindy4x4, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. swindy4x4

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    ... hello friends.. I gotta tell ya, i just picked up my first rv .. (jayco x17z) .. I love it! i'm sittin' in it right now! perfecto! kinda got an itch now to go somewhere! .. i can't wait! i feel like i'm right at home .. (acually i am .. in the driveway) .. but hey summer is comin'. i'm a little nervous about the fresh water issues (me being new and still to cold for fresh water) ... anyways .. I think i'm hooked! gee, do i have to go in the house??
    it's gonna be a good summer... talk to you later :) :)
  2. krsmitty

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    Re: I gotta tell ya!!

    Congrats! Know what you mean. When I bought our new 5er I set it up in our front yard and almost lived in it. Had beer in the frig, watched dvd's, TV and had a grand old time. :laugh:
  3. H2H1

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    Re: I gotta tell ya!!

    yep we all do it, my MH is sitting there just off the garage and we go out and watch TV and let the grands kids use it as a play house sometimes. But we are always with them. WE will be taking our first trip at the end of the month. We will be heading up to Grand View Trailer Sales Open House in Bedford VA. Good friends, good food, = good times!!!!!!!!!
  4. Blueeyes

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    Re: I gotta tell ya!!

    I feel your pain Swindy4x4. I too just purchased my first new tt and it is killing me to see it sitting in the rv shed every day. I am so eager to take our first trip this spring in it. We are planning a trip to Key West soon & I'm already packing. Can't wait.
  5. akjimny

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    Re: I gotta tell ya!!

    Deb - I see every state colored in on your map except Alaska (Hawaii doesn't count 'cause you can't drive there). So when are you going to join our bunch of happy travelers and drive the Alcan? :laugh: :laugh: :) :)

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