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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by sawwood, Feb 10, 2010.

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    How come in the magazines I see pictures of motorhomes, all by themselves - no trailer parks- in absolutley beautiful scenic serene settings, and when I can find something approaching these, there are no tresspassing signs, rangers, crowds etc. Where are these gorgeous places???? I'm interested both for visiting and for boondocking.
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    Try Alaska :laugh:
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    Try reality ... :clown:
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    well ,, yes most are for all of us to see and just wish we could be in that very spot ,, but won't ever happen ,, but i do know of some nice rv resorts ,, that have 1/4 acre lots u can rent ,, they are a bit pricy ,, like 500.00 a night , but there agian ,, u get a catered dinner everynight ,, $200.00 a dinner ,, and can have a massage at ur rv 150.00 per hr ,, i know this is not what u were talking about ,, but they are out there ,, for some ,, not me that's for sure :approve: :approve: :approve: :)
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    If one were to visit some of our national forests you could find those serene and beautiful places. There are many. Be aware some places are hard to get into with larger rigs. I found several places in Utah last year and there was no charge for being there and we managed to make two camps from one of these locations.
    I have put two pics in my album both from two different location in Utah both are in the same forest I believe but on each side of the mountain. Both require driving off road from a couple of miles to 7 miles. But the roads taken were hard packed dirt and gravel.
  7. brodavid

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    nice pics, glad you are there, enjoy
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    We do a good deal of our camping nights (50-60 a year) at state parks for that reason. I look for out of the way parks where we can just kick back and enjoy the trees and sounds of nature. Yes, electric is nice, but we can live without it now and again. This year (10') we have 8 nights reserved out of 38 reserved nights with no electric service. Here are some pictures of what we like. Photo AlbumPA offers some very remote areas that have good electric service. VT. State Parks don't have electric service, but are very tree lined with good spacing between sites. What I hate most are private campgrounds where you are packed in like sardines. I want trees....grass...fields....trails...sounds of nature.....

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