Ignition Switch Fuse

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Dragonrover, Jun 22, 2010.

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    I'm thinking about getting a Saturn Vue and I plan on towing it. In order to tow it, I will need to unplug the ignition switch fuse. My braking system, Professional Tow Brake, requires power from the auxiliary outlet in order to work. So my question is... Will the auxiliary outlet still give power when the ignition switch fuse will be unplugged?
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    Re: Ignition Switch Fuse

    Hello Tommy and Welcome to the forum. Hollis has a Saturn and should be able to answer your question. He will be on sometime today and will give you all of his knowledge. Hollis is one of our best. ;) :cool:

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    Re: Ignition Switch Fuse

    Hello Tommy, Steven has set the bar high for me. Yes I do have a Saturn and I tow it A4D my steps are as follow,
    1. The tranny has to be in Neutral.
    2. The ignition has to be in ACC.
    I do not have to pull a fuse for mine. First see if you have power to the aux power when the fuse is pulled. Plug in something in the cigarette lighter outlet and see if you have power, if so use that as your power supply. GOOD LUCK :laugh: :laugh:

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