Igniton related to ford chassis

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by jboscoe, Nov 1, 2006.

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    :) Hi i am new obviously but i am working on my Father in Laws class A Gas Ford chassis v-10. He just had the ignition give out today its a Fleetwood T36 2002 model Coach and we cant get power past the ignition relay board. It has on this printed board a: RV Custom Product part # CB-115 Rv b. I have power to the primary side of this borad but nothing after the relay'd side. When you turn the ignition switch the relay activates on this board but nothing beyond that. Any direction would be most appreciated. Also this RV has 32000 miles on it. Thanks in advance Sincerly Joseph Boscoe
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    Re: Igniton related to ford chassis

    Check for power to the hot side of the relay, check for power to the wire that energizes the relay, check ground. If all is well there and no power gets through change the relay.

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