Induction burners

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by oceanbear, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I`ve been reading about induction burners & wondered how handy it might be for a camping trailer. We have a plug-in on the outside of the RV that we use for a blender, it would be nice to cook certain things outside, would it put a lot of drain on the generator.
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    RE: Induction burners

    well first off welcome ,, and second that will depend on what size genset u have ,, i don't think if u are not using all at once u will have a prob. ,, but there agian it all depends on what size set u have and what all u are running at the same time :) :approve: :approve:
    I for one ,, have an electric griddle that we use when at the beach for breakfast ,, but we are also connected to shore power at that time ,, but i have a 5.5 kw genset ,, and it will run what ever i need ,, no matter what ,, but ur's may be less or more ,, but we need to know that ,, and btw what ever size genset u have ,, u are only doing it good to put a load on it ,, it really does help :approve: :approve:

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