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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by kvtwa, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. kvtwa

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    I need some information. I stopped into an RV store to buy a Replacement Fuel compartment door and I was told that they did not carry and was looked at like I was an idiot. The lock door that covers the fuel tank cap is busted and I would like to replace it. How and what and where should I be looking for this plastic piece? I did not find anything while doing a web search "Fuel cap compartment". I am not even sure what the correct terminology is for this piece: The piece I am trying to find is a white plastic compartment that fits around the gas cap and locks.
    Also there appears to be white gunk around the compartment that forms a seal, what is this called?

    I am still trying to fix up the motor home I got this month. :dead:

    Second question. I have a hole that looks like PVC pipe coming out of back of RV with no lid on. I have found electric, gas, gas can, but have not been able to identify this. I have a 1976 Dodge Cobra. Does anyone know what this is? :question:
  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    Some pictures would help, in all honestly, you have an older MH. You can post them in the Albums section. Let us know when you have them done, or if you have problems, let us know that also.
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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    Welcome Karen! If Ken at Grandview Trailer Sales can't help you with your RV needs, it can't be done.

    Get those pics up right away and hopefully he can fix you up! Take a picture of the gas tank cover area, and the rear of your Cobra to help identify this mystery hole and post in the album section as Ken suggested. There are so many people on this forum that have a lot of RVing experience and together, I'll bet we can solve anything. :approve:

    What a shame some of these "RV Stores" make us feel as if we are idiots for asking perfectly good questions...Bet you won't buy anything there! ;)
  4. vanole

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome


    Your last paragraph is oh so true.

    Some of the names of things (parts) for RV's are contrary to what you or I would call them. Heck I broke what I thought was a dashboard defroster vent searched everywhere for it on the internet and RV stores alike. Folks thought I was nuts (truth is they wern't far off) finally started googling every which way imaginable trying to find what I was looking for and finally bingo "air outlet grill low pressure" got me to where I needed to be after months of looking.

    For the original poster (kvtwa) good thing is in your original post you most likely identified one source (MOPAR) Dodge for the fuel compartment door. Like Ken and try2findus said pictures may help. Concerning the PVC pipe with no cap could that be a Sewage Hose storage compartment?

  5. kvtwa

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    RE: Information sought & advice welcome

    Okay, pictures posted.

    I tried to get pics of PVC pipe location (outside and in). My manual has nothing showing where this is. Not sure what it is.... Did not want to start ripping a part , yet.

    Also have a third question. On the outside of electric bos is something about attachment to a voltage plug, Seems I am missing some components. What should be showing that is not?
  6. kvtwa

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    pictures posted...
  7. C Nash

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    How big is the hole? Could it be the fresh water fill for the onboard fresh water tank?
  8. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    Just found your pictures...great job.

    Your fuel tank door is called a HATCH. Most certainly available. I can get you one, and might even have one in stock. I would need to know what it measures...and does it have a back, or is just a frame with a door?

    The round hole does look like your elec. wire chase. They are available too. The new ones are probably different than what you had, but can be made to work.

    Not sure what the rectangle box is for. It does look like an electrical 2x4 box.

    Let me know if I can help!!
  9. kvtwa

    kvtwa New Member

    RE: Information sought & advice welcome

    I don't have any documentation on the PVC hole. It is at a downward angle which makes it hard to photo.

    As for the "Concerning the PVC pipe with no cap could that be a Sewage Hose storage ", no I found that stuffed inside the back bumper.

    I did find a place on back driver's side under lock and key (NO Key, had to break lock) and found 2 caps, one white screw cap that had "water" with "No pressure" on it and a black rubber cork style which I have no idea of what it is for.

    Is there suppose to be a electric cord Running from RV to be plug in? I have a empty 2x4 retangle box with nothing in it. I am wondering if an electric cable is suppose to be located there?

    Want a laugh? I am still searching for the Propane tank location. :blackeye:
    I have read all the manuals and papers I got with this RV and the illistrations are for the birds! No good pics showing where everything is located. I am still after 2 weeks, playing hde and seek with RV's components! :dead:
  10. Triple E

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    Re: Information sought & advice welcome

    Ken could that round hole be some type of a heating exhaust vent?????

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