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  1. morace

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    Does anyone have an easy and inexpensive method of controling "ants" from getting into your motorhome or camper?
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    I'm new at the RV scene, but I have had experience at this in the short time that I have owned an RV. Rule number one is to be SURE that you keep all food properly closed off in insect proof containers, and rule number two is to spray the wall boards, cabinets, closets, compartments, and the outer slide and frame areas with a long acting insecticide.

    You just MIGHT keep the little buggers at bay then!

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    If you have a home pest control contract, see if the tech will spray the RV when he sprays the house. I have to have monthly treatment because everything that slithers and crawls in my woods seems to get into my log home.
  4. jcs

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    Ants -- Use Comet. Sprinkle around parts of RV that contact the ground. I have had no problem with ants since I learned this trick.

  5. C Nash

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    Found this on the web. Never tried so, don't know if it works
    Simple Solution:
    Sugar Ant Hotel

    1 cup borax
    1 cup sugar water
    4 shallow glass jars with screw tops (small jar of marinated artichoke heart jars are ideal)
    4 loose wads of toilet paper
    In a bowl, mix the borax and sugar. Place a loose wad of toilet paper into each of four different screw-top jars. Pour a quarter of the sugar and borax mixture into each of the four jars, over the toilet paper. Fill each jar with water to one inch of the top. Screw the lids on the jars, and with a hammer and nail, make four to eight holes in the lid. Place the jars in areas where you have ants (but keep away from pets and children).

    Helpful Hints:
    This ant trap will catch the workers but not the queen. A more comprehensive solution is to blend 1/4 cup of confectioner’s sugar and one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle it in ant traffic areas. There is not enough borax with this method to kill the worker ants immediately, so they take it back to the nest, ultimately eradicating it. (If the worker ants do die at the powder, cut back on the borax.)

    Caution: Keep borax products away from pets and other animals.

    Victor Pest Control sells nontoxic commercial ant products. You can link to their website here.

    Shop for Supplies:
    Common-Sense Pest Control by William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, and Helga Olkowski
    Least-toxic solutions for your home, garden,pets and community


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