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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wildcatervin, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. wildcatervin

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    Ok all, here is a problem that I am having.My inside rubber to one of my slides keep coming out of its grove. I have put it back in once and then took it to the dealer to have it done the 2nd time,but it is now starting to come back out.It is still under warrent until Jan but it is a 200 mile round trip to his bussiness.If you have ever done this you know it is a hard item to get to and harder to put back into its gruve.Thought someone might have a suggestion.This is a 2010 Damon,Astoria 38ft Diesel with 3 slides.Hate to keep running to the dealer to have it come back out again.any help here.We all know $4.00 a gal.
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    Sorry to hear about your problem Ervin but if it were me and it was still under warranty, I would either have the dealer fix it (again) or contact the manufacturer and see if there was someplace closer you could take it to get if fixed. I would really gripe at the manufacturer. Maybe they know of a fix that the dealer was unaware of. At any rate, I would get this complaint registered with the dealer so you might have recourse if it happens again when the RV is out of warranty. Good Luck.:)

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