Installing a propane gas leak detector

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by mistabonze, May 31, 2009.

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    I had a CCI pre tell 26 gas leak detector that went bad and could not find a replacement. so I purchased a pretell 22. The new unit only has 2 wires (red and black) rather then 3 wires (2 red one black) that the 26 had. My camper has a large white wire (I assume power) that was wired to a red wire on the old unit. There was a black/red wire ( atatched to each other like speaker wire) that was wired to thier respective colors on the old unit.

    Anyone have sugestions. My thoughts were either the white and red from camper to the red wire on the detector and of course black to black.

    or White from camper to red on detector, black to black and not use the second red from camper.

    of course a third would white from camper to red on detector and red and black from camper to black on the detector.

    It seems very simple but I'm not an electricain and would like to have the safety of a properly working leak detector so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Steve
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    RE: Installing a propane gas leak detector

    well no problem ,,, first off do u have a 12volt test light ,, or a meter ,, if so it willbe a breeze ,,, but if u don't ,, here goes ,,, the black will be power ,, from the camper ,,, the white will be negative ,,, from the camper ,, but if u have test light ,, or meter make sure ,, cause i have seen afew that were built the oppisite ,,, the third wire u had on the old unit was prolly for a LP valve shut down selenoid ,,, Hollis had the same prob with his ,, and he installed it himself ,,, and works fine ,,, let us know how u come out
    :approve: :approve: :)

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