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    I am in the military and have an Alfa 5th wheel and I am overseas right now and planning on returning in a few month and wondering how hard it will be to get RV Insurance since I have it stored and no insurance on it for the last 24 months. RV is a 2000 Alfa Ideal 36 FT 5th Wheel? Any help?
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    It should not be a problem at all. I had multiple OCONUS to CONUS moves until my retirement 1 August 07. Not sure who you had for insurance prior to present assignment but I would start there first. Couple of insurace companies out their understand the military nomadic lifestyle (USAA specifically and you also have Geico). USAA subs there RV insurance out to Progressive. Though I have USAA for just about everything I have my Class A with another insurance company because I got more bang for the buck. Main thing to do is shop your insurance around get multiple quotes. Will come down to making a spread sheet for comparison.

    Additionally thanks for your service and have a safe trip back to CONUS.

    Fly Navy
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    Re: Insurance

    Yes as Jeff said, Thank you for your years service. :cool: :approve: :cool: :approve:
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    Re: Insurance

    Steve - After years with GEICO I switched my homeowner's and POV insurance to USAA because they gave me more coverage for less premium with the combined policy. I left my motorhome and motorcycle with GEICO for the same reason. When I shopped the motorhome with USAA/Progressive, there would have been a premium increase with no increase in coverage.
    Bottom line is - you have to shop around and see which company: A - You are comfortable with, and B - Which gives you the most bang for the buck.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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