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  1. kkrandles

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    We're buying our first travel trailer this weekend and trying to line up insurance. The dealership did a search thru RVUSA and got one quote for us. I have gone online through RVUSA and gotten a couple of quotes which were much better for the same services/deductibles. However, our RV dealership said they don't have any experience with the company, even though it was offered through RVUSA. So does anyone have any experience with Twin Peaks RV Insurance and is there any reason we shouldn't go with the lower priced policy through them? Is there any advantage to buying the insurance suggested by the dealership as opposed to getting it on our own? Thanks for your help - we're really new at all this...
  2. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: Insurance

    No experience with Twin Peaks. I use Progressive Direct (Internet) and they have RV policies.
  3. Kirk

    Kirk Senior Member

    Re: Insurance

    Try doing a search for Aon Recreation Insurance and for Miller Insurance Agency. Both of them specialize in writing insurance for RVs.
  4. C Nash

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    Re: Insurance

    I have Progressive and have been pleased. They have been 3 to 5 hundred cheaper than the quotes from the Good Sam that I have got quotes from for the last three years and I have yet to receive one of those FREE gifts for just getting a quote. Yes I am a GS member and get these letters telling me they can save me 300 bucks and yes it's for the same coverage.
  5. cardinal1

    cardinal1 New Member

    Re: Insurance

    We use State Farm, and have a pretty good policy for around $250/year. Includes full retail replacement value and road hazard, along with the normal stuff, and the deductible is only $100. All of our vehicles have been insured with them for years, so we get a good discount for quantity and loyaly, not to mention no accidents
  6. cwishert

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    Re: Insurance

    I would suggest contacting the person you have your auto insurance or homeowners insurance with. Most companies do give discounts for multiple policies. I also use State Farm and have always been very pleased with our service. We have 4 vehicles and our home insured through them. The only insurance we did not get through them was motorcycle insurance as it was cheaper to go through the dealership at that time and that insurance was Progressive. We sold the motorcycle though.
  7. elkhartjim

    elkhartjim Senior Member

    Re: Insurance

    I recently did some comparisons and found Progressive online to be by far the least expensive...none of its "cheap". I remember when DL was chasing hail storms around, he got excellent service from Progressive also.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: Insurance

    I pay $160.00 per year for full coverage on a 2008 Sunnybrook TT, with a $500.00 deduct. It is thru Farm Bureau Insurance in Indiana. I get a little break because I have all autos insured, life insurance, boat insurance and home owners with them also.
  9. utmtman

    utmtman Senior Member

    Re: Insurance

    I pay 1000 a year thru allstate for our rv, with 100 dollar deductible and 20,000 dollar personal property to boot. I checked every insurance company out there and only national interstate could get me cheaper insurance by only 15 dollars.

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