Internet Access At RV Parks

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by OnTheRoad, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Hello. What are the mechanics of getting online at an RV park? When RV Park Guides have "phone/modem hookups that need activation", what steps do I take? Do I activate from home with my telephone service? Do I set up with my ISP and use their local destination number? Let's say my stay is short, from overnight to a week or so.

    My setup is a dialup modem with a telephone line. I'm only interested in site hookup. I have used office hookup, not appealing to have to leave the RV to get online. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.--Algean
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    Internet Access At RV Parks

    Hi Algean,

    We have spent the night at RV Campgrounds that say "phone/modem hookups that need activation". What we have found is you may need to pay somethng $2 a day for the phone. And when that is paid, they give you an extension number. Works like in a Hotel. Dial a 9 or 8 to get outside line, then your number. Now that is the way some of the one's we have stayed at work.


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