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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by BobV, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Hello all, I am new to the 5er (as I have read they are called) crowd. Years back had a TT that we traveled the midwest in and showed dogs out of. Well the dog showing days are over and we have bo8ught a used 28' Sunnybrook. We have been out once 2 weeks ago without incident and plan to go July 4 weekend. My question is about towing a trailer behind the 5er with a motorcycle on it. the Sunnybrook has a hitch on the back but havnt found wiring yet. What kind of tounge wieght can you safely use. This hitch apprears to be factory or close to it is welded to frame and then bolted to the bumper. Is there a Sunnybrook factory option list that may have info on this hitch?
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    Re: Intro and ?

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    First of all, that is NOT a SunnyBrook factory option. Towing a trailer behind your trailer might be legal where you live but, here in Virginia, it is NOT. You need to check your states laws on this.
    The frames on travel trailers or 5th wheels are NOT designed for this either. Whoever installed the hitch on yours might have just carried a cargo carrier with it. That is legal.

    Now, I realize that hundereds of people are doing this, right now, as this is read. I saw someone in VA towing a motorcycle trailer this last weekend. If ther had been a wreck, it would have hit the fan. I am just saying that it is not legal everywhere..........
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    Re: Intro and ?

    I have checked the states where I would like to go and it is legal. Are you saying the frame of this trailer will not haul a small utility trailer say 4x8 with a motorcycle on it? Is there a way to add support to the frame?
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    Re: Intro and ?

    What Ken is inferring is that you are taking on a huge liability by doing something with a TT that it wasn't designed to do. If anything should go wrong, you would automatically be blamed for it. Even if someone tried to drive their car up on top of your motorcycle!

    How would you "add support" if you aren't the manufacturer? How would you know where to add it? Would you just beef up the frame? Would you weld more metal onto the hitch? Would you inspect those welds for weld defects? (I know weld inspection from my 30 year career.)

    I say that you could be jeopardizing the safety of those in and around your rig by doing something that the TT manufacturer didn't intend be done.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but someone needs to let you know plainly.
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    Re: Intro and ?

    Before I start I know you see this done but the tt is not designed for this. TT are prone to sway anyway and anything added upset the balance. What size motorcycle are you planning on hauling? What size truck are you towing with? Not the way to go IMO

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