Inverter battery not charging

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by zalinalayton, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. zalinalayton

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    I am posting this question here as well as in the "Beginning RVing" section to reach as many people as possible. Many thanks!

    We have a 2006 Roadtrek 210 Versatile. The Inverter 12-volt deep cycle battery is not charging even after it was checked and found to be in good working order. We bought this battery a couple of months ago and it did work for awhile.
  2. TexasClodhopper

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    Re: Inverter battery not charging

    Answered in the other thread ...
  3. C Nash

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    Re: Inverter battery not charging

    Now Tex I gotta go to the other post to read your answer :laugh:
  4. zalinalayton

    zalinalayton New Member

    Re: Inverter battery not charging

    Thank you for welcoming me into your forum......much appreciated!

    Many thanks for you kind advice......very helpful!. It appears that the deep-cycle battery needed more time than usual to recharge since we allowed it to go to such a low level. (my terminology may not be the same as yours.....I am female after all!(smile).


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