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Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by DonCar, May 22, 2009.

  1. DonCar

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    I have an 07 Gulfstream Conquest and there is a switch in the rear of the coach which when turned on powers up the detectors etc. My question is: Should this switch be left on while travelling or should it stay off. Secondly is there another switch to get 120v while travelling. We would like to make coffee etc.
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    Re: Inverter Power

    Don, most inverters only power some items or plug locations in an rv. So you can only use those plugs when running the inverter. If you have a generator you can start it while you drive and use it for the items and or plugs you want to use. I would think that if you turn on that switch and it powers up the detectors such as co2, and propane and such you would want to leave that on even when traveling. That switch would also be 12v more than likely and not 120.
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    Re: Inverter Power

    The BIG question is: Is this a Travel Trailer or Motorhome? Gulf Stream makes both under the Conquest name. If a Travel Trailer, it is not equipped with an inverter. Makes me wonder because I have not heard of a switch that turns on the detectors.
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    RE: Inverter Power

    It's a motorhome on a Chevrolet Chassis.

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