Is Adventure Touring RV Rentals reliable??

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by renudo, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. renudo

    renudo New Member

    It's seems there is virtually no feedback on newsgroup or forum about this company. Someone have experienced with it??
    It is reliable for renting RV in California?
  2. jwsafranek

    jwsafranek Junior Member

    We reserved/rented an RV for our summer vacation from a company, Adventure Touring' that uses Moturis/Camping World as its rental/service locations. When we arrived at the Camping World location to pick up the RV, we were greeted by a very anxious woman, "Selina" who tried to rush us through the pick up process. She showed us our RV, which had bad damage to the right side of the vehicle. Selina stated that the RV had been in an accident, but that everything was 'fine.' We were shocked when we saw how dirty the inside of the RV was. It had not been cleaned. The propane tank was only 1/4 full and the door to the tank was stuck from the accident damage. When we questioned Selina about this she stated, "it is what it is, if you had rented directly from us instead of the other company that we provide service for, then I could have gotten you a better one." We finished the paper work for the rental and then drove off the lot. The RV pulled to the right terribly, and we suspected this was from the accident damage. The brakes were also very soft and ineffective. We returned the RV and requested a different one. Selina stated that was it, and she could not help us out. She offered to have us take the RV for an alignment, but we told her we suspected the RV had sustained major damage to the frame from the accident, and was UNSAFE. We requested a refund and she stated we had to call the other company, which we did. Adventure Touring stated they could not get us another RV that day, so our vacation was ruined. They did refund our money; however, other folks should know about what happened to us at Camping World. Camping World was going to rent us an RV that had been in an accident, was unsafe and did not seem to care. Selina actually stated, "When these come back in during the peak rental period with damage, we just keep renting them until the peak season is over and then repair them." How nice, rent a family of four an RV with accident damage that is filthy and unsafe to drive. We will never use Camping World again, nor Adventure Touring. FYI: The parent company for 'Adventure Touring' is in Zurich, and they did not care to help us out, would not locate us another RV, or provide an explanation why they would have kept a damaged/unsafe/unclean RV in its fleet. In our opinion, what Camping World and Adventure Touring tried to do to us by renting us an unsafe RV constituted gross negligence and could have resulted in a serious accident had we taken the RV out on our trip.
  3. RVBob7645

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    That is an absolutely horrific experience with the company. Thank you very much for the review.
  4. Kenworth

    Kenworth Member

    I also noticed on our recent trip a lot of "El Monte RV" campers in Yellowstone, don't know anything about them, but possibly another choice...
  5. vanole

    vanole Senior Member

    As Kenworth mentioned I too have seen alot of El Monte rentals when I snowbird in the winter along with cruise America.

    Not sure if you are military or if a military retiree but MWR rents to eligible personnel pop ups and travel trailers.

  6. Philip.Saran

    Philip.Saran Junior Member

    El Monte RV rentals is a good company and has many locations not just in California, worth looking into.
  7. LEN

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