Is anyone familiar with Pace Arrow?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by mistabonze, Nov 19, 2008.

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    I recently purchased a 2003 pace Arrow and cant shut the batteries off. I hit the off switches although they remain on. Also I cant locate the fuses for the basement lights or the driver power seat. Any help would be great. Also is it best to keep the unit plugged into 30 amp sevice when not using it? Thanks

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    Re: Is anyone familiar with Pace Arrow?

    Hey Mistabonze, one post is enough for a particular subject. ;)
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    Re: Is anyone familiar with Pace Arrow?

    Sorry. I did post it in general. I wasnt sure which category to post in. Im new with the forum thing.
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    Re: Is anyone familiar with Pace Arrow?


    Not familiar with a Pace Arrow. However on both Monaco products I have owned the basement lights could be turned on/off at the switch in the compartment and from inside the coach on a rocker switch in a cabinet that had coontrols for the front slides & inverter readout and battery charge info. Just a thought.

    Concerning the power seat can't help you there but... on my previous coach I had a finicky drivers side power seat. Any movement (forward/back, recline, turn to face rear etc) the darn connector would get jarred and would start to pull apart. Drove me nuts. Just another thought.

    Hope you can run the gremlins to ground.

    GO NAVY!!!!!!!

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