Is Dealer advice, sound advice?

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by John E., Nov 7, 2017.

  1. John E.

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    Hello. I'm a healthcare provider and I'm wanting to work some travel positions across the country and want to do full-time RV living. The dealer was obviously concerned about extreme cold and extreme heat and tried to give me some good advice. Having said that, he really pushed the Montana High Country (MHC) citing that the MHC was the only real RV designed for full-time living, has a life-time warranty, and built for extreme weather. One thing he pointed out was the spacing of the framing and the way the inside wall is insulated. He alluded to bubbling walls, heat loss, zero degree freezing rating, etc. He says he has no stake in any one RV and would sell anyone any RV they were looking for and for what purpose it is trying to serve. The problem is, he was pushing the MHC so much, it has my girlfriend (and to some extent me) spooked about shopping around for other RV's. We're concerned that in our search for a well-valued RV that will cost less (maybe used), we'll be spending more on repairs later on, so we may as well suck up the $50,000 price so we don't have to worry about potential problems. So what do you guys think? Are there other brands of RV's that can hold up to full-time living and the extreme swings of weather for half the price? Can I buy a used RV or is NEW the only way to go when living in it full-time? Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. Your input is greatly appreciated it.
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    John there are more rvs out there that will serve for all season. Most all major brands have a high entry level. yes you can find used ones you just have to research. All depends on the heat, cold extremes you will be in. Really cold you will need some type under pinning.

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