is there a basic trailer for me?!

Discussion in 'Talkback' started by theron621, Jul 31, 2009.

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    i'm no pro and have always tent camped. but, i am wondering if there is a camper/trailer out there that is small enough to pull with a minivan or larger car which has enough beds for 4 people (2 adults and 2 kids) and basically nothing else. the dream would maybe be a queen/double bed with 2 twin bunks over it on both sides. i don't want a bathroom, kitchen, table, chair, etc. just a place to sleep, preferably hard-top. nothing expensive.
    i'd love it if it was an old 50's-style or just something with a little character (rounded on top). my wife hates camping and a trailer would get her off the ground. i hate trailers with a/c, tv, plumbing, etc.
    any help would be appreciated. what to look for... and where.
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    Re: is there a basic trailer for me?!

    Sounds like you need(not your wife as I think from your statements she won't want it either, women and I also like the AC, plumbing, water, heat, toilet and the other amenities) a covered cargo trailer either insulated or not but, then build in what you wish. My son did this, queen bed sleeps four, camp chairs and a small table. But soon added from a defunked tent trailer a refer stove heat and water with sink, worked but is kinda ruff for the ladies.
    Good luck.


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    Re: is there a basic trailer for me?!

    A pop up is lite and would get your wife off the ground...and the new ones have A/C, Fridge, Heater, etc., and can still be pulled by smaller vehicles. We had a pop up (started in tent), then went to Class A, and now have a travel trailer. My wifey also doesn't like the on the ground camping anymore, so I pretty much let her make the decisions as to what we need or get next. Gotta keep them happy.....BTW....Welcome

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